Since I joined the team in 2022, I received this question a thousand times. So, I will try to briefly explain what’s going on with this Live Shopping concept that I am talking about wherever I am going. This is why, at first I was a Customer Success Manager (as my position was called) but then I transformed into a Live Shopping Evangelist. Basically, I became the first Live Shopping Apostle in Romania.

Thus, going on this evangelical path: Live Shopping is a new and innovative way to sell products. It is located at the crossroad between eCommerce and entertainment, combining the classical way to sell products online with live streamings. What does that mean? Well, Live Shopping is when an online store representative (or an influencer) goes in front of a camera, on the store’s main website, and presents different products. The audience can interact with the host using a chat and can receive answers to questions related to the product, or useful information that they can only discover by reading text and online reviews.

A short video on Live Shopping here

Practically, through Live shopping, customers can talk directly to the seller, and they can be convinced to finalize the purchase directly into the live stream iFrame. All the buyer needs to do is click two buttons and that’s it. Product is sold!

As I do this for a living, I was directly involved in creating several Live Shopping sessions and I can tell you one thing for sure: 9% average conversion rate. I doubt there is any eCommerce tool out there that can have such an impact in a relatively short timeframe (a Live Shopping session has an average duration of 40 minutes to 60).

How does a Live Shopping session looks like? Here is an example I use when I present the product to my clients: The session organized by Answear to launch its fall collection in 2022:


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